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         Distant healing, or distance healing.
What is distanced healing? How and why it works?
Distance healing is any kind of energy healing "sent" in time and space and has a healing effect to the recipient. This universal energy is connected to all things, and far beyond human understanding and language. In this way, you do not have to be physically present at the healer to get healing. Prior to that by phone can be arranged a session start time, pronounced various nuances of the problem, etc.
This type of healing is just as effective as any other alternative energy healing, because it is worked with an individual's physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, accessing individual's energetic body. Energetic body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time, and there is no need to be physically present.
How healer transcendents (outside of time and space, beyond the existing boundaries of cognition) in time and space?
When a healer is distance healing, he can go beyond time and space. For example, a practitioner may slow down the thought waves to theta waves and lull a person, if it is necessary. Holistic medicine healers, shamans, and practitioners have known for centuries, but modern science is only now beginning to understand and explain it. Recent discoveries of quantum physics provides the scientific basis for holistic healing phenomenon.
Quantum physics has revealed that the time is not specified, and is not linear, it only flows in one direction. Time flows both back and forth at the same time. Thus, it can affect the future as well as its past. From this point of view, everything happens at once, because there is no past and no future, there is only this moment.
The Nobel Prize in 1984 winner Carlo Rubia, showed that the human body mostly consists of energy, and only a small amount of another substance. Only one billionth of a substance in our body - the rest of the energy. Molecules of which consists the physical body, behave in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics.
Any thought is energy and it is material. Question is how easy or difficult it is to change the reality. Here plays a role both belief and the disbelief as well as collective consciousness, which is often different, thus dampening. Whatever may be, our thought is primarily determined by all. It both attracts and moves away.
The main fact is that "Thoughts transfer" really exist, and taking into account a purely scientific basis can be said that reality is a metaphysical thought.
Everything in the material world is a vibration that gets high movements. Without vibrations would not be such things as the material universe.
Vibration strength of the thoughts of Wave does not stop with just sending on. This remains for a long time afterwards. Same as heat in the room remain long after the fire is extinguished in the oven, just like floral scent keep smelling in the room long after the flowers are taken out of it etc. Strong thoughts persist for a long time, retaining much of its vitality and energy. In the same way thoughts - Waves continue vibrating around humans, animals or other creatures, wherever it goes. Only recently, scientists have recognized that consciousness can act on biomolecular mechanisms and regulate the human body works.
Consciousness - is a form of energy, which is inextricably linked to the physical structure of cells in the body. At the same time it is one of the factors that stimulates continuous exposure to either health or disease. The functioning of the physical body is very clearly linked to the etheric body. Any changes in the etheric body structure are expressed in the physical body level.
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