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    Energy healing.

Nicola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Vibrational Medicine and Energy Healing is a type of alternative medicine and is based on scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. It uses the natural positive energy and vibration frequency. Using the resonant vibration, matter balance can be restored.

Vibrational medicine - medicine of the future, because this type of alternative medicine using the natural positive energy and vibrational frequencies. Energy is everywhere, it is all around us. Energy flows through everything and creates all. Each cell in our body emits electricity. Our thoughts, emotions, memories are filled with tiny electrical impulses. The human body energy system emits electromagnetic light energy.

The system itself includes Meridians (body energy pathways), chakras (energy centers) and aura (the body enеrgetic atmosphere).

This energy medicine model interacting physical and essential plan. It is based on Einstein's and Tiller's theories and model. Energy medicine is based on the principles of quantum physics. I woud even say that vibrational medicine is based on the five elements system, which is the base of the world structure. All the energy is controlled and fed with subtle energy network. Same is also coordinated function and cells viability.

Energy medicine admits and explains that energy is the basis for everything, and that there is an invisible link between the physical and subtle body, as well as the internal relationship between matter and energy is so strong that one can not exist without the other.

Energy Medicine is responsible and explains that consciousness is a form of energy that is continually connected to the cell structure in the physical body and it affects the physical body both  positive and negative. Between body, mind and spirit, there is a strong link. This is confirmed by the holographic principle, "top down, bottom up" - each cell, each particle of the human body contains complete information on all the universe. A human is as a sort of octahedron that combines macro and micro levels, physical and spiritual matter as well the past and future. All the information, positive and negative is transferred to the physical body and vice versa. Etheric body is a peculiar physical body matrix (airy twin). Energetic Medicine with a variety of methods can read all the details of the physical and subtle matter. Often reading the information from the subtle body with a variety of techniques, disease can be kept out of the physical body.

Energy healing ways.

As one of the oldest should be mentioned the prayer, the treatment with hands, distant healing, phytotherapy and acupuncture. Later came such efficient energetic medical ways as homeopathy, Magnetic, color and crystal therapy, etc. There are widely used various electrical neurostimulation apparatus and Radionics type devices. All these and other ways work with the body's subtle energy system.
Energy healing helps to remove various energy imbalances in our system. For example, trauma, phobias, stress, fear, different congestions, a variety of chronic diseases, heal the traumas of childhood memories, etc.
Any form of energy healing can be applied to a wide range of illnesses or injuries. They can be different virus, bacterial diseases, allergies and other hard remediable diseases.
Energy healing allows simultaneous use of different energy techniques that complement each other.


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