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Energy is information kinetic condition.

Every human is a spiritual being, that is associated with the surrounding Universe with countless subtle energetic links.
Fine, information-containing energy enters our body from the outside world, primarily through the holographic projection nodes, which are also called chakras (energy centers). The human subtle bodies connects our body cells with energy and information in a single well-balanced body. With the help of fine body, every cell receives all the thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions providing the human life activity.

Everything is energy and everything can be adjusted properly using energy. A new understanding of the internal and external world makes us abe to consciously control and direct energy.

Only recently, scientists have found that human consciousness can act on the biomolecular mechanisms that adjust the human body works. Consciousness is a subtle form of energy associated with the physical structure of cells in the body and is one of the factors that stimulate either health or disease.

We must recognize the fact that almost all people in the world, to a greater or lesser extent, are indisposed. Suffering is not only physical, but also the energetic body. The disease is disbalance in our energetically informative body.

Humanity in the last millennium have almost perfectly mastered the ability to work with the physical body. Energetically informative body is more important than our physical body, as we come with it into this life, we live with it, we leave this life with it and, unfortunately, we damage it in our lifetime.

This is also important because the physical body disease initially begins in the energetically informative body. All the problems in our lives, such as various physical and mental ailments, disappointment, frustration, depression, etc. is the result of abnormal energetic body work.

Real work with the energetic body is an urgent need for each of us. Unfortunately, knowledge of the energetic body and truly knowledgeable knowers in this field are very limited. People who see the energetic body, receive the information or understand it, can work with it and adjust it. General information can learn everyone to initially be able to know how to help yourself and others.


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