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Informative medicine and informative healing is a form of Vibrational medicine. Informative medicine is simple, universal, and it has no restrictions on its applicability. It is able to restore human health without any allopathic drugs exposure.

In our society, the greatest negative energetic informative effect carry out people themselves with their own thoughts and actions. At the beginning all the distortions are fixed in the human energy structure informative field in the form of the disease and only when it has reached the required potential, they move on to the physical body. Any imaginative and precisely formulated idea, as well as any material particle itself contains specific information package. For example, when negative thought reach a certain amount, there is formed an independent, negative form of thought that independently carries out its negative effects. Exposure direction and strength depends on accumulated / inserted information. The official medicine does not recognize such negative effects on humans and also is unable to determine the cause, but it poses a serious background in many diseases.

Often bioenergy loss occurs at a deliberate, negative thoughts broadcast to another person. Popularly it is called differently - envy, evil eye, negative wish, curse, etc. As a result, people may have blocked meridians (subtle channels), energetic power centers (chakras) and it does not allow the organs to function normally. Informative medicine is unthinkable without holography (energy interference pattern), which explains that each particle contains information about all the healthy, to be able to create a full copy. Material substance is formed from the invisible energy, or the flow of information. Healing information is transferred through the vibration frequencies inherent in the entire world. Interacting with information / frequency is formed resonance and pharmacological effect is achieved, therefore is restored human physiological functions. Every amount of radiation (quantum) has its own energy, which can be determined by the wavelength. But wave radiation is characterized not only by length, but also the oscillation frequency. The human body is able to absorb only the radiation (information), which quantum possesses certain energy. Today informative medicine is widely applied in distant and contact healing, homeopathy, crystal and color therapies, a variety of Radionics and other apparatus usage, which can record and transfer oscillation waves. Everyone knows the fact that allopathic medicine helps one organ, but killing other. With informative medical apparatus it is possible to read any information from chemical medicine, all kinds of fluids, and even the frequency of the virus, and then transfer it to the water, blood, salt or anything else and this information to enter the body. It's a long known truth, that any wave (frequency) can be deleted with the same wave (frequency). That's how exactly work Informative healing.

As our subconscious understands the imagery, its possibilities are endless in this regard. Information can be transferred in video / audio format. Such a method have used in his clinic the world's known dr. Carl Simonton treating cancer-ill patients. He explained them the practice and patients worked with themselves, which eventually gave good results.

With informative healing help can successfully cope with different phobias, correct various errors in behavior, posture, may be recorded proper techniques for various sports, etc and even extinguish a lot of negative information in morphogenetic field.
Informative medicine is indispensable at the different part of the brain damages, where as a result are damaged speech or movement centers. In such cases, with the information input it is possible to create a new movement or speech zone, which is responsible on it. Human really can do it. It requires just a few things - perseverance, knowledge of how to do it and belief. Everything is determined by the information in the subtle body, but the subconscious of each will select their own individual characteristics. None of the pharmaceutical drugs and even physiotherapy is unable to do it. Everywhere and everything is information. There is an informative field, which can be accessed in different ways. There is both the earth and the cosmic informational field. Even viruses, bacteria and fungi that live within us and around us, use it. To better cope with these creatures have to know how to work and think faster than them. One should be endowed with unconventional thinking in solving problems. Just as not every medicine helps, as well one or more techniques may prove to be not enough. Have to be very creative as an artist. Phantom pain is also informative record result, which have been recorded in our subtle body.

Any information alters human consciousness. Even every word, thought, emotions affects and influences our genetic code - DNA.

A simple informative healing is possible to learn for everyone. Only need the will, motivation and faith.



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